We conceive & connect iOT objects

INDUSTRIAL DESIGN: Imagine the object

Design thinking is the key phase of our approach to designing a iOT object. It allows to formalize the experience of use of the object.

Before letting our creativity speak by itself, we want to understand your expectations through reflection workshops, as well as those of your target customers by ideally going to meet them to create a product that will be at the center of a global and strategic vision.

It is therefore with iteration that we work on form, aesthetics, ergonomics and signage for the object to take shape before being studied by our engineers.

ELECTRONICS: The object becomes smart

Having participated in the workshops, our electronics engineers are aware of the aesthetic promises. They will then seek to make them compatible with theirs by a targeted technology watch that will allow them to identify the best components of the electronic board made in-house, the object’s real brain

After a series of functional validation tests, the mechanical design office will integrate the electronic card in the object respecting the design in order to make it a manufacturable object and later industrializable.

MECHANICS: Anchor the object in the real world

Our mechanical engineers will therefore look for the right manufacturing process at the best cost from our industrial partners. After modeling the object in 3D, they will validate the technical solutions envisaged thanks to 3D printing and numerical simulation.

This agile and iterative method based on a robust network of skills will allow us to have a great responsiveness at the launch of the series.

The object thus realized, it will remain to make it accessible to the end user.

COMPUTING: Connect the Object

Our computer engineers will then give life to the user interface of the object by developing the application that will materialize the functions of the object defined in the phase of Design and the website that will allow the analysis and configuration of the product. . This will be followed by a test phase, adjustments and a recipe that will give the go for the production of a mini-series to test the market’s appetite for the object thus obtained and give itself every chance of successfully marketing the mass production.

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